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    The Floyd Bennett Gardens Association Inc. 
    PO Box 340986 Ryder Retail Station, Brooklyn NY 11234 

    Ekaterina Kashkin, President • John Burrafato, Vice-President 
    Anne Gaudet, Recording Secretary • Judy Tropeano, Treasurer • Christine Morales, Corresponding Secretary

    Dear Gardeners, FBGA administration, mailed 2024 FBGA membership renewal packages to all members on 12/04/23. If you do not receive your package in two weeks, you can download your 2024 renewal application from our website (can be found at Applications) and follow the instructions below.

    Please pay close attention to the directions to avoid any complications.

    1. Renewal applicationPlease complete it in its entirety and remember to sign it. Make sure you write legibly and provide us updated info- home address, working phone number and email address. ONCE COMPLETED, RENEWAL APPLICATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY USPS POSTAL MAIL.  E-MAILED APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED
    • Payment – Your renewal fee remains at $50 for a single plot and $100 for a double plot

    Payment options:

    • Personal check – please make payable to “The Floyd Bennett Gardens Association, Inc.”.  Write your name (if not printed on your check) and plot number. One check per gardener – name and plot number must match. If you are making payment on behalf of somebody else in your family, please make a separate check and write their name and plot number legibly. If your check is returned for insufficient funds, you will be responsible for a bank fee.  In addition, renewal of your membership may be delayed, and you may have to pay a $20 late fee.
    • Money Order- please make payable to “The Floyd Bennett Gardens Association, Inc.”.  Write your name and plot number. One Money Order per gardener – name and plot number must match. If you are making payment on behalf of somebody else in your family, please get a separate Money Order and write their name and plot number legibly.
    • Zelle. If you are making payment via Zelle, please pay close attention to the instructions. Zelle payment will be excepted ONLY if your name on Zelle account and on the garden plot are matching. You cannot make a payment for somebody else via Zelle. Send payment to [email protected] (pay attention to correct payee).  In the memo, please write your full name and plot number (very important!). If you are using Zelle payment you still MUST send to us your Renewal Application Form for 2024 and write on the top of the application form that you made payment via Zelle.
    • Car Tag. The cost of one car tag per plot is included in your membership fee. If you need a second car tag, the price remains the same $5 for each additional tag. Please visit our website fbga.us, download “Extra Car Tag Form” and send it with your renewal application form. Don’t forget to include the additional $5 payment for each extra car tag. You do not have to make a separate payment, simply add $5 to your annual fee.
    1. Community service form is found on the back of the membership application. Remember to check off how you will do your required 4 hours of community service per plot. If you reach the age of 75 you are no longer required to participate in Community Service (make sure to include a copy of your driver license with your application form, if not done before).
    1. Children’s garden application – fill it out to ensure a space for your children.

    All forms, including payments, must be postmarked by January 31, 2024. While there is a two-week grace period, any applications postmarked between February 1, 2024, and February 15, 2024, must include a $20.00 late fee per application. If we have not received your application postmarked by February 15, 2024, we will conclude that you are no longer interested in returning for the 2024 gardening season and your plot(s) will be reassigned. Incomplete forms or checks/money orders will not be processed until mistakes are corrected.

    Contact Information of Committee Chairs and Elected Officials, updated FBGA Rules/ Regulations Information, and schedule of Community Service Days will be given out at the Mandatory Spring Meeting which we are planning to have at the end of March of 2024. Check your email regularly for important information and upcoming events. If you need to contact FBGA before the spring meeting, you can email the Administration at [email protected] and one of us will get back to you asap.

    Thank you for your cooperation. We look forward to seeing you in the spring.


    On behalf of FBGA Administration

    Ekaterina Kashkin, President