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    Greetings members,
    If you have not received an election ballot from FBGA, please contact the election chair, Asima Chaudhary, immediately via email at ca0451@gmail.com.   In that email, please state if you are seeking a replacement ballot, provide your full name, plot number and mailing address.
    If you already have your ballot, please mail them out immediately as the return date for the ballots is 12/18/21.   If you were unable to mail out your ballot in time, you can bring it to the Ryan Center from 11am to 12pm on 12/18/21 to collect in-person ballot submissions.  An election committee member will remain posted at the entrance of the Ryan Center to collect ballots until 12pm. 
    If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out immediately.

    Asima Chaudhary, Esq.